whatever i’m going to smoke on the balcony and not care about their claws

life’s good

i’ve been drinking and fucking around a lot ever since he dumped me

i quit lithium three months ago

just trying to be really ‘cool’ all the time, smoking cigarettes, talking shit

all i want to be is all over the place and i think i’m succeeding 

wearing palestina scarves and nice makeup

i know this isn’t me but for the first time in my life i’m cool, crazy and popular

i must kid myself

i’m kind of full of energy right now so i’m gonna write a bit about what i got for christmas. funny, right? not really.

  • my granddad’s old keyboard. this is by far the best gift i received this year. i remember him playing on that keyboard for as long as i can remember but he’s “too old” now, apparently. also, i’ve wanted a keyboard for a long time so this was perfect.
  • a suitcase. a smaller one that i can use as hand luggage. really needed!
  • money. i think it was around $450 all together. always needed, of course.
  • gift cards on h&m and kicks (a make up store).
  • a pyjamas + socks i picked out myself. really cosy. i love wearing pyjamas in the morning.
  • i have no idea what this is called in english, but: thin “leggings” and a top that you wear under your normal clothes when it’s really cold outside, like when you go skiing. it was from my stepdad who’s kind of crazy about outdoor-sports and stuff.
  • gloves that are touch-screen friendly.
  • knitted mittens from grandma. i love them.
  • chocolate.

i think that was everything. i went kind of nuts today and bought stuff for like $900 off the interet. a new computer and a camera. i kind of need a new computer since this one i’m using is a school computer and has to be returned next year + the screen is broken. but a camera… i really don’t need a camera, but i mean.. it might be fun. 

i’ve been feeling really powerful and shit tonight so i decided to talk to a few people i haven’t talked to in a while. i even called one of them. we actually haven’t heard each others voices before, only spoken through social medias, so that was very interesting. he’s really sweet. 

this became a bit lame so i’m gonna stop now. um, bye. see you.